Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit by Caregenia

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The GreenFan by Balmuda

Energy Saving Silence Living Fan can be used in the short size as a desk fan. Moreover since it can move a lot of air, it will be active all the year as a circulator.



Beard Balm, Original by Captain Charley's Beard Company

Captain Charley’s Beard Company combines all-natural, organic ingredients and high-quality masculine, enticing smells to produce one-of-a-kind products to the appearance of a healthy beard. The only one who cares as much about your beard as you do is Captain Charley. Long Live the Beard. Instagram: @captaincharleysbeards



On-The-Go Luxury CBD Balm by Kloris

Readers, obsessed with Kloris CBD, will be pleased to hear they have just launched an amazing CBD lip balm based on their luxury balm, in a handy 5ml glass jar. Visit their website to see. Instagram: @kloriscbd




Scented Candles by Fentons & Co.

Fentons & Co. are on a mission to redefine the scented candle by focusing on smokey, resinous and woody fragrances whilst using sustainable ingredients like their propriety coconut and beeswax blend. These fantastic candles are hand poured in London and provide an element of sophistication for any home. Follow @fentonsandco on Instagram.


‘Daphne-River Fowey’ (Daphne du Maurier) by Stella Vine

Stella Vine‘s delightful paintings are a joy to behold, and a great talking point. As collected by Charles Saatchi, Florence Welch, and Mia Norman. Commission a fairy-tale oil painting or collect her exuberant newspaper works. Email [email protected]


Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit by Caregenia

Studies show 82% of adults agree that the first thing they notice is a person's smile. Make your smile your signature accessory by using Caregenia's activated charcoal teeth whitening kit. USA made ultra-fine powder and premium inclusions for superior whitening in the comfort of your own home. Instagram: @caregenia


Matte Lava Clay by NO GUNK

NO GUNK is on a mission to make hair feel healthier for Funky Fellas. Their award-winning Matte Lava Clay is the first ever 100% natural styling clay to leave no residue on your hands or hair. It’s enriched with Lava Clay, Hemp Oil and Argan Oil. It will leave your hair feeling fully nourished with moisture and a textured natural look. Shop online and get 20% off with code GQ-MC20 (expires 02/09/2019). Follow on Instagram: @nogunkofficial



Music as Painted and Worn by Caroline Bordignon

Caroline Bordignon is a Canadian fine artist and composer based in the UK. Using her synaesthesia to create live artwork in concerts, she paints illustrious images of what music looks like. These are also available as clothing items of wearable music. Visit Instagram @caroline.a.bordignon or email [email protected] to buy or commission artwork.

Painting £500 Scarf $49


Bespoke Ceramics by Ryan Sandfort

Elevate your art collection today with an original Ryan Sandfort porcelain piece. After finishing his first ceramics class in fourth grade, Ryan has spent the last 15 years practicing his craft, making now a great time to invest in this generational artist. Email [email protected] Instagram: @ryansandfort


Matt Paste by Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan Matt Paste- you will not find a better or more versatile matt styler. It really is that good; messy styles, partings, quiffs, this product will do it all! Strong yet flexible feeling hold with a smooth and easy application. Follow them on social media @dapperdanuk.



PRE GAME by TheSalonGuy

PRE GAME is a unique strong holding wax paste that changes hold and texture over time creating a lasting look for all day and night. Instagram: @thesalonguy

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